Return on Investment

ROI is Critical to the Decision Making Process

Ever since the economic downturn, organizations are faced with tighter budgets and the demand to do more with less. Managers are held accountable for every purchase and a growing number are turning to the Return on Investment (ROI) business model to validate their decision making.

ROI is Often Hard to Measure

Cleaning organizations continuously invest in new technology, new equipment and even new processes to improve their programs. While these investments are likely to produce improvement, their full impact or ROI tends to be difficult to measure and often falls short of delivering more than incremental results.

Core Delivers a High Return on Investment

From the moment we provide a proposal for our consulting services, we will identify a compelling return on investment level – and we will commit to delivering on our promise. In the end, you will be paying less for your cleaning services, and your service providers, whether in-house or outsourced, will be delivering at a higher service level.

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