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An Important Request:

Always remember that your janitors, custodians and EVS workers perform jobs that put them on the front lines of the battle with the Coronavirus.

Regardless of the type of buildings they clean, they are being asked to work in areas that may have been contaminated which they enter willingly to help keep us all safe.
We ask everyone in our industry to remember to put a priority on protecting these workers, their families and their communities.

Please ensure that they have the proper training, PPE, equipment, supplies and support to perform their jobs in a safe and healthy manner
– and remember to thank them for their efforts at every opportunity.

Corporate – Commercial

From corporate headquarters to corporate parks, our janitorial consultants are making an impact across the custodial cleaning industry.

Retail and Malls

Today’s shoppers demand a clean and safe environment. Leading retailers rely on our retail janitorial consulting programs to lower costs while maintaining their brand’s integrity.

Colleges and Universities

We provide custodial benchmarking and custodial program improvements for colleges and universities serving students, families and faculty.

Research and Industrial

Managing janitorial cleaning at large sites requires a broad range of expertise. We’ve worked with industry’s largest clients to lower cleaning costs, improve services delivery and increase safety.

K-12 School Districts

Your custodial organization can clean for health and safety, while also controlling costs. Improve even the most well-managed K-12 program with our K-12 custodial consulting services.

Health Care

Standardized procedures, formal training and improved documentation are essential to a successful environmental services program. Let our janitorial and EVS consultants show you how.

Core Always Delivers Independent and Objective Results

Since 1996, Core has only provided one service: janitorial and custodial consulting. Our philosophy has always been to provide independent and objective consulting services, meaning that our clients can rest assured that our analysis and results are practical, accurate and realistic – with no strings attached.

Core does not provide any cleaning or management services, nor do we sell cleaning supplies, equipment or chemicals. Rather, our findings and analyses are based on nationwide market data collected over two decades, consisting of thousands of cleaning programs and over 1 billion square feet.

We approach each project and challenge as a team. By listening to diverse opinions and ideas, we can find the most relevant and practical solution for a client.


Janitorial Consultant Services

In-house Custodial Consulting

Janitorial Outsourcing

Quality Inspections

Green Cleaning Consulting

Janitorial Consultant Services

Core Management Services provides essential technical expertise to outsourced janitorial and in-house custodial cleaning organizations.

Whether you outsource your housekeeping or perform your janitorial work in-house, you’ll want to explore how our janitorial cleaning consultants can help you reduce costs and achieve sustainable improvements in quality levels.

We do not provide janitorial services, nor do we sell cleaning supplies or equipment. Rather, we offer objective information and professional assistance to help you attain and sustain higher cleaning quality levels at the right cost.

In-house Custodial

Empower your managers, supervisors and service providers with industry best-practices and quality tools. In-house cleaning programs thrive when committed to continuous improvement and the implementation of best-practices. Core has the most extensive data and expertise.

Core has the production rates and workloading tools to assess the staff and resources you allocate to your cleaning and non-cleaning activities. In-house custodial consulting services include:

  • Custodial benchmarking
  • Cost Savings
  • Quality assessments
  • Workloading services
  • Program standardization
  • Training
  • Green cleaning
  • Absenteeism Solutions
  • Supply/Equipment Review
  • Independent Assessment
  • Square Footage Measurement

Janitorial Outsourcing

You’ve contracted with cleaning professionals to provide management, supervision, labor, supplies, equipment and quality assurance processes to keep your buildings clean. Core’s extensive database of janitorial contractor metrics includes data from more than half-a-billion square feet. By using our janitorial consultants to benchmark each area of your program against the market’s top performers, Core will identify your unrealized janitorial savings and quality improvement opportunities.

Once your janitorial savings opportunities have been identified, we’ll work to help you lower costs quickly and painlessly. Whether we negotiate or conduct a janitorial RFP process on your behalf, you will begin saving money shortly thereafter. We conduct janitorial RFPs and negotiations with the industry’s top cleaning contractors on a daily basis. They are professionals; we respect their position and their relationship with your company. However, we’ll enter into your negotiations with excellent data and tools and we have a stunning record of improving the value you’ll receive from that relationship.

Your janitorial consulting investment will more than pay for itself through the identification of cleaning program cost savings opportunities.

Quality Inspections

Core uses its Smart Inspect quality audit application to provide independent cleaning quality audits. You can also implement Smart Inspect as your own quality management tool.

For clients who wish to leave the auditing to an objective third party, Core provides regularly scheduled janitorial inspections by trained Core Management Services’ inspectors. The data collected by our auditors will be uploaded to the web and will be available to all stakeholders. Core provides an executive summary that includes quality scores by building / area type / item, a breakdown of deficiencies, photographs of deficiencies, trends, corrective action advice, and more.

For clients with both the desire and the resources to self-perform their janitorial quality inspections and audits, Core provides:

  • Customized website set-up and configuration
  • Initial and ongoing training
  • Marketing resources
  • Unlimited technical support
  • Unlimited app upgrades
  • Notes, photographs and other features

Green Cleaning Consulting

Originally seen as a “value-add”, green cleaning has now become a standard best-practice in the custodial industry. In addition to the positive environmental impact, a professional green cleaning program can also strengthen customer relations, save money and increase the cleaning quality within the building.

One way that an organization can gain credits toward LEED certification is by conducting a Custodial Effectiveness Assessment. LEED prefers this audit to be conducted by a third-party using the APPA standards. Core has inspected over one billion square feet across the U.S. and Europe and can perform the audit along with all necessary planning and reports. Depending on the version of LEED, clients can earn IEQ credits IEQc3.2, IEQc3.3 or EQc6.

Core’s green cleaning consultants have experience helping a diverse portfolio of clients to identify and meet their green cleaning needs. We are members of the U.S. Green Building Council and we design our green cleaning programs to be consistent with the USGBC’s LEED standards. For the small circular photo, I recommend a picture of a hand tapping on a smart phone, looking like they are using an app for a quality inspection.

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