Independent and Objective

Core is an independent consulting company that is only in the business of providing objective and accurate results

Since 1996, Core has only provided one service: janitorial and custodial consulting.

Our philosophy has always been to provide independent and objective consulting services, meaning that our clients can rest assured that our analysis and results are practical, accurate and realistic – with no strings attached. Core maintains this objectivity because:
  • We do not provide cleaning services
  • We do not provide supervision or management services
  • We do not sell cleaning supplies, equipment or chemicals
  • We do not give preference to one cleaning contractor over another
  • Our findings and analyses are based on nationwide market data collected over two decades, consisting of thousands of cleaning programs and over 1 billion square feet
  • We approach each project and challenge as a team. By listening to diverse opinions and ideas, we can find the most relevant and practical solution for a client
  • We maintain active memberships on five separate cleaning industry organizations, ensuring a broad range of knowledge

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