Guiding Principles

We have built our business upon these six principles and we believe they are essential to achieving long-term success for our customers, employees and communities.

 Maintain Customer Focus

To be the best of our abilities, we will focus our resources on helping our customers achieve their goals and objectives.

 Continuous Improvement

We will never be satisfied with the status quo. We will pursue innovative ideas and industry best-practices and we will be in a constant state of improving our services.

 Demonstrate Integrity

We will demonstrate integrity in all of our actions and in the delivery of our professional services.

 Build Community

Recognizing that we are but a small part of the greater landscape, we will act accordingly. We will promote the well-being of the environment as well as the well-being of those in our industry and those who live and work in our communities.

 Preserve Objectivity

Our customers expect us to work in their best interests at all times. Therefore, we will guard our independent status and objectivity as one of our most important attributes.

 Respect Others

We will respect the abilities and the professionalism of each person we encounter along our path. Each customer, contractor and service provider has developed a unique set of skills and we will value our interaction with each as a learning experience.

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