Lower Retail Janitorial and Maintenance Costs

Retail organizations are under extreme pressure to lower costs while maintaining their brand’s appearance. Even the most seasoned teams are turning to professional program designers for innovative floor care and cleaning solutions. Core has the world’s leading retail and mall cleaning program designers and negotiators with experience throughout the US and around the world

"Winning the "Partner of Excellence Award" from Target was a wonderful honor for our team. The project was a great success and we are proud to have made such a positive contribution to the industry's top cleaning program"

Tony Maione, President, Core Management Services
We work with the world’s best retail organizations to reduce cost, optimize appearance and improve quality

Transform your Janitorial and Maintenance Program

Track Record of Successful Janitorial Savings

You provide your contractors with specifications that include cleaning tasks designed to maintain your brand while keeping your costs to a minimum. Your contractors, in turn, provide management, supervision, labor, supplies, equipment and quality assurance processes within the terms and conditions of your service agreement.

Core maintains an extensive database of retail cleaning cost data and we will help you become a more informed and educated consumer of the services you receive. Your decision-making will improve as we work with your team to identify specification redesign options, unrealized savings and quality improvement opportunities.

Core has developed a specialized consulting program for large retail chain and mall clients. We’ve been successful in helping our customers save millions while either maintaining or actually improving their brand appearance.

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