Lower Janitorial Costs at Industrial Sites

Research and industrial sites contain a wide variety of area types including administration, laboratories, manufacturing, warehouse, clean rooms, material handling and other mixed-use spaces. We work with site managers or client teams to save money while addressing the specific needs of each area type

"We absolutely needed to save more money on a global scale.
Core showed us how."

Kathy Brown, Associate Director, Pfizer
We work with the world's best organizations to optimize cleaning programs and improve quality

Benchmarking: A Blueprint for Success

Janitorial Cost Savings and Quality Improvement

Core maintains an extensive database of area-specific cost data and we will benchmark your critical area types against comparable cleaning programs. Our benchmarking process can help you establish a corporate standard by identifying area-specific specification options, cost savings and quality improvement opportunities.

Our benchmark includes:

  • Cleaning quality metrics
  • Cleaning production rates
  • Task and frequency workloading
  • Net cleanable square footage
  • Cost per square foot data by area type
  • Supplies and equipment
  • Training programs

Core provides RFP and negotiation support services for outsourced sites. Once your savings opportunities are identified, we will work with your team to help you realize your savings quickly. Whether we negotiate or conduct an RFP process, you will begin saving money as soon as possible.

Janitorial Negotiation Services
Realize savings quickly and seamlessly by having our negotiators work with your current provider to lower your costs.

Janitorial RFP Services
We provide a wide-range of RFP support services including:

  • RFP design and total process management
  • Performance-based language
  • KPI’s
  • Full-disclosure pricing sheets
  • Bidder list recommendations
  • Bid tour hosting
  • Bid analysis
  • Finalist interviews
  • Best-and-final negotiations
  • Contract language
  • Transition support
  • Ongoing performance-monitoring

For in-house cleaning programs, Core will work with your team to design an effective cleaning organizational structure that is based on cleaning best-practices and area-specific production rates.

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