Lower Corporate and Commercial Cleaning Costs

If you are looking to lower costs and/or improve the quality of the cleaning your company receives from its contractors, Core’s experienced consultants are here to help

"Core showed us that we could save money and increase quality across a large portfolio"

- Kerry Noble, Facilities Manager, Health Care Service Corporation
We work with the world's best organizations to optimize cleaning programs and improve quality

Janitorial Benchmarking

Janitorial RFP and Negotiation

Janitorial Negotiation Services

Janitorial RFP Services

Whether you manage a world headquarters location, a regional site or an entire portfolio, the components of your janitorial program are shared by all corporate buying organizations. You are paying your contractor to provide management, supervision, labor, supplies, equipment and quality assurance processes.

Core maintains an extensive database of janitorial program cost data and we will benchmark each area of your program against the market’s top performers. Our benchmarking process will identify program specification redesign options, unrealized savings and quality improvement opportunities.

Our benchmark includes:

  • Cleaning quality metrics
  • Cleaning production rates
  • Task and frequency workloading
  • Net cleanable square footage
  • Cost per square foot data
  • Independent quality audit
  • Contract language recommendations

Our corporate and commercial clients enjoy lower cleaning costs, cleaner buildings and better program manageability. Our services more than pay for themselves with an excellent return on investment.

Once your savings opportunities have been identified, we will work with your team to capture your savings as quickly as possible. Cost savings are always based on real data and industry fundamentals. Whether we negotiate or conduct an RFP process, you will begin saving money very soon.

We negotiate daily with the industry’s top cleaning contractors. They are professionals; we respect their professionalism and their relationship with your company. However, we enter into the negotiations with two decades’ of nationwide market data and tools and we have an excellent record of improving the value they provide to our clients.

When we negotiate on your behalf, you will usually begin enjoying savings within 30 days or less.

We provide a wide-range of RFP support services. Our team will work closely with your buying organization to deliver savings in 60 – 90 days or less.

Services include:

  • RFP design and total process management
  • Performance-based language
  • KPI’s
  • Full-disclosure pricing sheets
  • Bidder list recommendations
  • Bid tour hosting
  • Bid analysis
  • Finalist interviews
  • Best-and-final negotiations
  • Contract language
  • Transition support
  • Ongoing performance-monitoring

Lower costs, increase quality and improve your programs’ manageability.

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