Custodial Consulting for Colleges and Universities

Core works with in-house organizations, outsourced programs and programs that have components of both. We provide benchmarking, program design, training and implementation services to lower costs and increase quality

"Core saved our University money
and helps us maintain the highest cleaning quality."

Joe Browne, Directory of Auxiliary Services, St. Joseph's University
We work with hundreds of colleges and universities to optimize cleaning programs and improve quality

Custodial Benchmarking Pays For Itself

Successful In-house Program Managers Integrate Custodial Best-Practices

The Best Outsourced Janitorial Program Managers Know their Options

Your campus needs and culture may be unique, but the components of your custodial program are universal.

Core will help you benchmark each area of your program against our extensive database. Our benchmarking process will help you identify program redesign options, unrealized savings and quality improvement opportunities.

Benchmark against top performers:

  • Square feet per custodian
  • Cleaning quality
  • Cleaning production rates
  • Task and frequency workloading
  • Square feet per hour
  • Custodians per supervisor
  • Net cleanable square footage
  • Cost per square foot

To remain viable, in-house custodial managers are increasingly seeking out and implementing industry best-practices from in-house and outsourced programs alike. The ability to identify and implement these best-practices is critical to long-term organizational success.

Core works daily with cleaning organizations of all types and has access to the very latest in best-practices information. If staying in-house is your long-term objective, we can help you identify and implement these solutions by providing critical information and training.

College and university cleaning is a highly specialized field. Core maintains market intel on the top performers and provides expertise to higher education buying organizations that purchase, negotiate and manage outsourced cleaning services.

If your cleaning is outsourced, Core can help you select the best qualified vendor – at the lowest price – for your unique campus needs. We will help you design your program and we will work with your team to enable your vendor to succeed.

Additionally, Core can help you set-up and monitor a performance-based contract that holds your vendor accountable to specific KPI’s and criteria.

Improve your program and lower your costs. Our benchmarking program pays for itself.

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