Janitorial Outsourcing Consulting

Get more value from your janitorial service providers

Our Janitorial Outsourcing Consulting Services Include:

  • Janitorial consulting
  • Janitorial benchmarking
  • Cost savings
  • Janitorial spec design
  • Best-and-final negotiations
  • Performance-based contracts
  • RFP design and management
  • Negotiation services
  • Independent quality audits
  • Staffing and cost analysis
  • Green cleaning design
  • Bidder list selection
We work with the world’s best organizations to reduce cleaning costs and improve quality

Benchmark Your Program & Identify Savings

You’ve contracted with cleaning professionals to provide management, supervision, labor, supplies, equipment and quality assurance processes to keep your buildings clean.
Core’s extensive database of janitorial contractor metrics includes data from more than half-a-billion square feet. By using our janitorial consultants to benchmark each area of your program against the market’s top performers, Core will identify your unrealized janitorial savings and quality improvement opportunities.

Janitorial RFP & Negotiation Support Services

Once your janitorial savings opportunities have been identified, we will work to help you lower costs quickly and painlessly. Whether we negotiate or conduct a janitorial RFP process on your behalf, you will begin saving money shortly thereafter.
Core conducts janitorial RFPs and negotiations with the industry’s top cleaning contractors on a daily basis. They are professionals; we respect their position and their relationship with your company. However, Core enters into your negotiations with excellent data and tools and we have a stunning record of improving the value you receive from that relationship.

Core’s RFP process includes:

  • RFP design and total process management
  • Performance-based language
  • KPI’s
  • Full-disclosure pricing sheets
  • Bidder list recommendations
  • Bid tour hosting
  • Bid analysis
  • Finalist interviews
  • Best-and-final negotiations
  • Contract language
  • Transition support
  • Ongoing performance-monitoring

Our Janitorial Benchmark Assessment Includes:

  • Cleaning quality metrics
  • Cleaning production rates
  • Task and frequency workloading
  • Net cleanable square footage
  • Cost per square foot data
  • Savings identification
  • Independent quality audit
  • Contract language recommendations

Your janitorial benchmarking investment will more than pay for itself through the identification of cleaning program cost savings opportunities.

Learn how our services will lower your cleaning costs and improve your relationship with with your contractors.

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