Green Cleaning Consulting – LEED Certification

Learn how to implement or strengthen a Green Cleaning Program

Our Green Cleaning Consulting Services Include:

  • Help with LEED certification
  • Green spec development
  • Green best-practices
  • Green RFP language
  • Green transitions
  • Product and supply suggestions
  • Benchmarking of current program
  • Custodial Effectiveness Assessment
We work with the world’s best organizations to design and implement Green Cleaning plans and procedures

Green Cleaning Consulting – Why go green?

Third-Party Audits: LEED Custodial Effectiveness Assessment

Your Green Cleaning Needs: From Initial Assessment to LEED Certification

Originally seen as a “value-add”, green cleaning has now become a standard best-practice in the custodial industry. In addition to the positive environmental impact, a professional green cleaning program can also strengthen customer relations, save money and increase the cleaning quality within the building.

One way that an organization can gain credits toward LEED certification is by conducting a Custodial Effectiveness Assessment. LEED prefers this audit to be conducted by a third-party using the APPA standards. Core has inspected over one billion square feet across the U.S. and Europe and can perform the audit along with all necessary planning and reports. Depending on the version of LEED, clients can earn IEQ credits IEQc3.2, IEQc3.3 or EQc6.

You may be a single-site organization that has just begun to learn the concept of green cleaning. Or you may be a national company that has decided to implement or strengthen a fully comprehensive green cleaning program. Most likely your green cleaning needs fall somewhere in between these two extremes. There are multiple definitions of green cleaning and the various standards and requirements have left many clients wondering where to begin.
Core’s green cleaning consultants have experience helping a diverse portfolio of clients to identify and meet their green cleaning needs. We are members of the U.S. Green Building Council and we design our green cleaning programs to be consistent with the USGBC’s LEED standards. Beginning with an initial program assessment, Core will guide you through the creation of a green cleaning program that meets the unique needs of your organization.

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