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Facility Manager at Major University Uses Consultant to Stay On Top

Binghamton University (BU) recently recognized Stephen Gowe with an award for Distinguished Service. Gowe is assistant director of Maintenance and Operations at the public university, overseeing facilities that accommodate over 12,000+ undergraduate students.

Gowe attributes much of his success at BU to the help of a custodial consultant – Core Management Services. College Planning & Management ran an article on Gowe’s accomplishments:

“BU recently contracted with a firm to evaluate its efficiency and effectiveness in terms of methods and equipment. The firm produced run sheets that indicate such items as how many employees and repetitions are needed based on square footage. It has helped with finances, hiring, and putting new buildings online. ‘We work in the state system where money is tight,’ Gowe explains. ‘We need to justify money and jobs. By using a professional to tell us on paper exactly what we need to do and how many people we need to do it, we’re justifying what we do.’”

Gowe goes on to explain that outside competition – outsourcing – is always a looming threat, which makes the cost-saving advice of a professional all the more valuable. Gowe also credits the Smart Inspect System (developed by Core Management) for its ability to “grade” his team’s performance.

“BU’s consultant is assisting the Maintenance and Operations department to implement Smart Inspect System, which is a quick spot check of specific areas, such as main entrances, that are done weekly or monthly. The inspection information is logged in from an iPad or iPhone. “In effect, we’re grading ourselves,” says Gowe. “Soon we’ll have an app so our customers can grade us as well.”

He also values the consultant’s ability to place BU’s performance in the context of the greater industry-at-large. “Gowe understands that BU isnt’ the consultant’s only client, so he relies on the consultant to tell him where the department is and where it should be compared to national averages.” Gowe’s assertive and aggressive stance has clearly made him deserving of his Distinguished Service award.