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Custodial Consulting for Colleges & Universities Quality Assurance Basics for In-House Custodial Professionals Part 9: Using a Professional Program for Quality Assurance

Together, we’ve used this series to navigate the murky waters of quality assurance programs. We’ve outlined the many considerations that go into the planning stages, and we’ve discussed the advantages and challenges of developing your own program as opposed to purchasing a program from a third party. Today we conclude the series by offering our final recommendation: do yourself a favor and choose a quality assurance program developed by someone in the cleaning industry. This last caveat is important, and today we’ll explain why.

By now, some of the reasons are probably clear. As discussed, creating an effective quality assurance program requires a big commitment of your resources. You’ll save yourself months of development time and avoid trial-by-error mistakes, making this choice the most cost effective in the long-term. Even more important than choosing an outside program, however, is choosing the right outside program.

Ideally, you want to choose a quality assurance program developed by an industry consultant. An industry consultant will provide programs with a wide range of cost and complexity. They know that every facility is different, and they tailor their programs according to the unique conditions of your organization. Industry consultants have visited thousands of facilities and seen hundreds of unique areas, flooring-types, and cleaning methods. They know the industry best practices and their quality assurance program will flow out of their experience.

Choose wisely when looking for an outside developer of quality assurance programs. Consider your options carefully – Core Management is one, but there are others – and look for a program that is both created by and managed by an industry consultant. It’s the only way to be sure you’re getting the very best. Good luck, and let’s get started!