In-House Custodial Consulting

In-house Custodial Cleaning Consulting

Your in-house cleaning organization can remain highly competitive

Our In-house Custodial Consulting Programs Include:

• Custodial benchmarking
• Cost savings
• Quality improvement
• Workloading services
• Program standardization

• Quality inspection tools
• Supervisor training
• Custodian training
• Team/zone cleaning
• Green cleaning

In-house Cleaning Program Custodial Consulting
Empower your managers, supervisors and service providers with industry best-practices and quality tools.
Continuous Improvement and Custodial Consultant’s Best Practices
In-house cleaning programs thrive when committed to continuous improvement and the implementation of best-practices. Core has the most extensive data and expertise.
Benchmarking Begins the Process
Core has the production rates and workloading tools to assess the staff and resources you allocate to your cleaning and non-cleaning activities. Our custodial consultants will show you where you are strong and where you can improve:
• square feet per custodian
• cleaning quality
• square feet per hour
• net cleanable square footage
• cost per square foot
Custodial Benchmarking Pays for Itself
We will identify unrealized savings and cleaning quality improvement opportunities and we’ll provide a blueprint to implement savings and improve performance.
Implementation Assistance
We’ll work with your team to implement custodial best-practices, cost savings, and program improvements from your Benchmark Assessment.
We provide:
• redesigned cleaning specifications
• standardized cleaning procedures
• best-practices-based organizational chart
• revised individual job assignments
• quality program training

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